Direct Donations


As many of you know, the PTA has the honor of providing all the “extras” at our school.   We have amazing teachers, administrators and staff providing our kids with an exceptional education and making it fun along the way. However, without the generous donations from our parents we will not be able to fund certain programs year after year.

The PTA pays for our librarian, library books, STEAM program, classroom supplies, playground enhancements, homework agendas/folders, teacher grants, PE equipment, field trips, Art Masters, 5th grade tiles and more. With your donations we put on programs and events such as Boo Bash, Book Fairs, Red Ribbon Week, Reflections, Teacher Appreciation Week, Veteran’s Day and Family Fun Nights.

Our goal each year during  our direct donation campaign is $50,000 with everyone participating.  The PTA is so grateful for your support and we cannot thank you enough for your donations of both your time and your money. We understand everyone has different circumstances and we want to assure you that every student will benefit from the PTA no matter what amount you give.  Please click on the icon to donate.