Each year, DJAES participates in Kids Run the OC and hosts its onsite training program.  Kids Run the OC is an award-winning program designed to help kids become more physically fit, promote an active and healthy lifestyle and combat the onset of childhood obesity. . . while having fun! This is accomplished through various fitness games, which help improve speed, agility, hand/eye coordination, flexibility, and your child’s overall fitness. Students will be led through our popular and fun training program by a DJAES PTA parent volunteer certified OC Marathon coach.  We are currently looking for someone to fill this role for the 2025 training program.  If you are interested, please email the DJAES PTA here.

Sign-ups for the program begin in December, training starts in February and the race will be on May 3, 2025.  Please be on the lookout for notices and information coming home.