Eagle Eyes


The DJAES Eagle Eyes program is a family and community engagement program that welcomes volunteers to help support our school.  These volunteers will provide a supportive environment by being positive role models, interacting with the kids, fostering a safe and secure campus, and having fun!

The goals of this program are:  

  • To provide positive role models for our students, and demonstrate to them that education is important by being present.
  • To provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security and promote positive social interactions. 

What does an Eagle Eyes volunteer do?
Parents and community members volunteering with Eagle Eyes will engage with students at recess and lunch and add to our campus security by being an additional set of eyes.  The program is designed to have flexible scheduling to enable your participation whenever works best for you!  While on campus you can play games with kids on the field or blacktop, sit with your child at lunch, chat with kids about their day, or simply walk the campus for general supervision. You’ll even be able to pass out Eagle Tickets to reinforce students showing responsible, respectful, and ready behavior!

How do I get started?
You need to be cleared for Tier II volunteering.  Please see this CUSD Volunteers link for information on that process.  After you have read through the information, you can print, complete and return the volunteer form to the front office.
Please complete the Eagle Eyes Sign Up form to let us know you are interested. You will then be contacted via email to schedule a brief orientation and your first volunteer date.
Once you are a cleared volunteer and have attended a brief orientation with our school staff, you are welcome to come anytime! Just make sure you are aware of the school schedule, and check-in at the office when you arrive. 
If you have any questions, feel free to email info@djaespta.org.