Ringmann and Waldseemüller said they named it after Amerigo Vespucci in their “Introduction to Cosmography.”. See Graeme Davis, Vikings in America (Birlinn, 2009). responsible for everything that you post.

Listen Up, Libras: These Words Are All About You. America/Americans = North, Central, South, Latin, etc..etc.. America/Americans. Your insulting your own intelligence. Hey comment #4 Brian, do us all a favor in the USA, stay south of the border with your unintelligent remarks. I think I will just think of myself as American thank you. All you so called research scholars, worry about your own roots and trace them back to Noah’s Ark and see which pair you belonged too…, This is a blatant bofaced lie that Our “usa” gov has been pushing in the schools to indoctrinate us to believe what they say, but if you are to do your research you will find that Loooooooooooooong before Amerigo Vespucci seen ( not found or discovered ) this land it was here and it was called many things but specifically there was a Formidable town call Amaru named after its king Amaru Khan and that town/city was traversed by europeans to barter and trade and the variations of America went as follows; amaracapana amaraca amaru ameri amarca Amaruca etc. This sad childish attempt at trying to confuse people with the topological arguments of the conception of a continent is nothing more than another tool used in this concerted effort to expropriate the American continent of its name, so that U.S. nationals can try and lay claim to it. It is kind of like parents naming their child “Brazil”.

What did they call the first colonies lmao United colonies. i will go teach my class this now!!

And think they have the right to kick non white American people out. Vespucci was a navigator that traveled to “the new world” in 1499 and 1502. There are millions of people throughout history claiming that the USA is in fact America de country… People quo get their knowledge from films and newspapers may agree with that statement. You are U.S. citizen, and U.S. American, but American without qualifier/adjective encompasses all the people of the Americas, and America encompasses all of the regions of the Americas. “of” in this case is a function word that indicates the whole (America) that includes the part denoted by the preceding word (United States). On September 9, 1776, the Continental Congress formally declares the name of the new nation to be the “United States” of America. Today I found out how the Americas got their name.


I have been looking for information on how was it that the United States chose the name “America” and where did it get it from? So WHY is this country named after him!? As it happened, Vespucci did write about it and was the first to call this land the “Novus Mundus” (Latin for “New World”). In this view, native speakers shared this indigenous word with Columbus and members of his crew, and Columbus made landfall in the vicinity of these mountains on his fourth voyage. Until I read all the comments, I never gave it much thought. WHY THE UNITED STATES ARE AMERICANS. People in all corners of the globe do not have clean water to drink or enough food to eat. Who made the decision? [18][19] The name America then spread via oral means throughout Europe relatively quickly even reaching the cartographer Waldseemüller who was  preparing a map of newly reported lands for publication in 1507. Given that the US was formally constituted in 1776 you can conclude as to what really America is. Both Amerigo (Italian) and America (Spanish) are predominately Latin based languages. ...read more. The British, Dutch, German, Irish and many other countries settled there and created “The USA” and “Americans”. Thirdly and most importantly, the name “Americans” as applied to the population of colonial British North America predates they War for Independence fought by the Colonists against their imperial overlords from across the Atlantic Ocean in Britain. Along with V.I. deal with it. Regions under control of the Hudson's Bay Company was called Rupert's Land, which eventually made up a large portion of the Dominion of Canada, the modern state of Canada. America is the name of the whole continent, and Americans are the people of the continent. Amerigo latinized version is AMERICA. Later there were more English settlers than Spanish; it’s my impression that they renamed much of America after England (Virginia, New England, etc). sadly, you are missing the point (plus, being rude)…it is almost as if you are trolling. THESE COUNTRIES ARE FOUND AND BELONG ON THE CONTINENTS OF NORTH AMERICA AND SOUTH AMERICA PLUS CENTRAL AMERICA.

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