Sincerely, from a similar. (Google Play, iOS) – Czech version of Google maps, which additionally has marked tourist paths and much more local detail compared with Google maps, you can also download offline maps.Transport. Communication between schools and parents is turning out to be a lot easier with the new school phone apps that are there on offer. School Communication Apps is very helpful for teachers, parents adn for student too. It allows you to record audio, cut your clips, arrange them in whatever order you wish and share them on social networks or via email. The apps of these social networks are very well developed and are even easier to use than the actual websites. Whether you’re going to Lyon for the incredible food or want sun, sea and sand in Barcelona, Loco2 is on hand to help you book your trips.

This app has many features and is perfect for recording interviews, podcasts, music and any other sounds you want. Because these kind of Safety Apps helps us in any kind of trouble and some kind of critical problem especially for girls and women. This simple picture editing app gives you a simple and brilliant solution to those problems, and the best part is that it happens in seconds! Find out how to have a productive study break, 10 Celebrities Who Went to Business School, Find your perfect School and Program with our matching tool, Connect with other students on our forums. You may be a student, but that doesn’t have to mean becoming irresponsible when it comes to alcohol. ThingLink is similar in the sense that it allows you to add text and/or video to your pictures. You can also stream videos made by other users and share content via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for the awesome list of tools! You can also use the app to track your learning progress. Interesting for me and very helpful for students, teachers and parents. These student apps help to keep users safe if out alone at night. The hotspots often contain notes from previous hitchhikers and, where there is enough data, the average wait times for a ride. It is also a good idea to download an app like Tweet Library. Want more content like this? They are some of the best news sources, they are your connections to the world and a platform on which to get your work noticed. Matt H. You can find apps for anything or any type now days because of development in advance information technology and fast 4g internet where you can easily find your answers or get help online or study online in colleges/Universities make your career portfolio online don’t need to traveling anywhere for work just start home based work apps are available you just need to identify what you need. Thanks to author! My FAVORITE app so far is Study Bunny (I think it's only for android?) is a web-based appointment scheduling tool. Travel apps can really enhance the experience and ease of travel.

Using FaceTime on an iPhone has become as easy as making a call, while Skyping on a tablet makes it brilliantly possible to cook dinner/browse the web/compose a text while talking to your parents back home. Alternatively, you can listen to BBC iPlayer Radio and learn all you need to know, while travelling, driving, cooking etc.

© QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2020. You could spend hours learning about the complicated art of tipping in the USA, or listen to that famous crime investigation that had the world on the edge of their commuter train seats. Here is my list of some of the most useful appsfor journalism students and graduates.

Ever wondered what is a PTC or a VO?

Is anyone else using it for studying? Multimedia is the key word for journalism today – live charts, moving images, audio and video within the text; the modern audience expects no less. A few of these apps were already I’m using from few month. If you want something that generates your study plan have a look at Planner Pig ( This app is a great solution if you can’t afford a camera or simply don’t always have it with you. Maps. As someone with exams coming up I've tried pretty much every memory technique and app available and all sorts of tips to improve my revision but the tried and tested method of flash card testing and repeating this over time is the only thing that makes information stick in my head. Not only will this mean you’re alert and raring to go, Alarmy will also give you the latest weather update so you can decide whether to arm yourself with an umbrella before leaving home. Thanks to author! you want to study in by taking our quick survey. Organization is key for success and wellbeing at university, and student planner apps are becoming increasingly popular.

Vyara is a journalism graduate from the University of Westminster in London and currently an aspiring writer and blogger. Apps for nursing students are an amazing tool for schoolwork and clinicals. Laura is a former staff writer for, providing advice and guidance for students on a range of topics helping them to choose where to study, get admitted and find funding and scholarships.

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