He needed Blood of a dragon. I was pleased to find that Kingdom of Music was an improvement over the last few CGI direct-to-DVD sequels. Ru was very proud of the prince's choice and told him that his sacrifice helped his sister lift Chen's curse.

The film marks the 20th anniversary of The Swan Princess. Lucas and Alise are reunited but Prince Li’s arrival makes Alise doubt her feelings. Li discovers that Alise's adotive parents are the prince and princess (Prince Derek and Princess Odette), and she had lost her first parents. Li leaves feeling hurt and very angry.
The Swan Princess: A Treasure of the Power Crystals (2021). As Prince Li was leaving he took one final glance at Alise who was happily running towards Lucas, and smiled as he left.

Overhearing the conversation she runs out to meet Chen to tell how they can break the evil spell with Princess Odette's help. Team Robot In Pokemon Sun & Moon The Series. Li feels so sure that he will win and he wished that his sister may come to see him sing. Soon the contestants are presented by Chamberlain.

The winner will sing at the ball at the coming of age for Alise. So the next morning Alise and Prince Li meet and as he sees Alise's harp,saying that he had something like this in his kingdom.Prince Li starts to play the Harp, but he explains to Alise smiling:Our strings are arranged the opposite way. It was released in 1998, directed again by Richard Rich, and features the voices of Michelle Nicastro and Brian Nissen as Odette and Derek. Fang is the Villain in the 10th movie A Royal Wedding and the previous movie Kingdom Of Music The Swan Princess Kingdom of Music. Ru his loyal friend and servant noticed that but he didn't say any word. So Derek tries to use is arrow and some blood left Chen's body. The talents voices are Nina Herzog,Yuri Lowenthal, Joseph Medrano, Jennifer Miller, Clayton James, Bleau as Alise ,Francis Huang as Prince Li and Grant Durazzo as Lucas and many others new characters. As Mei Li reads it, she is horrified that a child has to sacrifice something special. As he remembers what was written,He told Derek that he should write what Scully have seen. Soon the contestants are presented by Chamberlain. Odette makes the announcement and the winner is Prince Li. The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding is a 2020 direct to DVD CGI sequel where Princess Odette and Prince Derek are going to a wedding at Princess Mei Li and her beloved Chen.

The Swan Princess is an animated film series that began with the 1994 film The Swan Princess. Alise takes Prince Li to Lord Rogers secret Chamber as she shows him all the spy gadgets that she used when she was a spy along with Lucas when she was a child.

There Alise pressed her thumps to wish him good luck. Mei Li and Chen are seeking for help on Derek and Odette to break Chen's spell as he is turned into a firery dragon and gains only him human form when the sun is almost seting for a couple of minuts before turning into a dragon. The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music is a 2019 American computer-animated musical comedy film produced by Crest Animation Productions and Nest Family Entertainment, directed by Richard Rich and starring the voices of Nina Herzog as Odette, Yuri Lowenthal as Derek, Bleau as Alise (replaced Jayden Isabel) and Grant Durazzo as Lucas. Odette's outfit chances and wears a beautiful white dress with a transparent cape on her back. Prince Li was going to sing at the Swan Princess Music Festival Competition along with the other groups who would also join the Festival. Prince Li sings and the same song in English Version and Lucas and Alise are dancing together and Chen appears. at the very end of the movie it can be read: to be continued. Prince Li sings and the same song in English Version and Lucas and Alise are dancing together and Chen appears. The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain / The Swan Princess: The Secret of the Castle is a 1997 American animated musical-fantasy film and the direct-to-video sequel to the animated film The Swan Princess. He says at first she was insufferable, but Ru uses the correct word to help his master, sufferable. The producers of the series referred to it as "Swan 9". Their tried everything to break the spell. Alise showed Prince Li to Lord Rogers Secret Lair where he took Alise and Lucas there as a spy team and Alise remembers those good old times. An evil sorceress was the one who probably cursed Chen. Gaines provided Chamberlain's singing vocals. As Prince Li arrives at the Kingdom Alise and Lucas were playing a little bit but she has to go meeting the Prince. Their tried everything to break the spell. The Song Goodbye is sung by Prince Li in Mandarin and English. Mei Li collapses and Odette and Derek take her to the castle. Prince Li gives Odette the box and Mei Li sees Odette and she knew she is the one who can help. But Chen disagrees at first thinking that its only a dream or something else.

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