Celebrating the life of Geneva’s legendary jazz bass hero Scott LaFaro has become an annual event at the Smith Opera House, ever since the City of Geneva declared April 3, his birthday, as Scott LaFaro Day in 2014. . With my mom and Scotty and my two sisters and then our own kids, we eventually had to build onto the house. California had affordable education, and we could all go to college. The color of the varnish is deep brown amber. He was playing mandolin and violin publicly by age 7. It should be noted that the original design of the bass never had a conventional neck block. The scroll model we chose was one of the traditional deep volutes with a convex channel at the rounded heel of the bass of the scroll. Barrie Kolstein on the Scott Lafaro Prescott bass. The top is a six-piece sectional plate of pine ranging in grain from the medium at the outer flanks to slab cut at the center joint. When did your brother start getting interested in music? Upper bouts: Naturally, quite a bit of the existing patch-work was dried out due to the nature of the accident as well as the considerable amount of time this instrument lay in storage. The greatest challenge and task was faced next: the restoration of the top table of the bass. I chose to quarter and veneer a choice, highly seasoned maple section of cello back wood of substantial age with a most similar character to that of the remaining original ribs. The great bassist is best known for his work with the Bill Evans Trio between 1959 and ’61, and for the tragic car accident that claimed his life on July 6, 1961, two weeks after the trio’s legendary performance at the Village Vanguard. The album included five selections recorded in New York City during 1961 with pianist Don Friedman and drummer Pete LaRoca, and twenty-two minutes of LaFaro and Bill Evans practicing "My Foolish Heart" during a rehearsal in 1960. That show typically includes stories about LaFaro, who forever changed the jazz world’s concept of what bass playing could accomplish with his counter-melodic style. Shortly after, he acquired a bass made in 1825 in Concord, New Hampshire by Abraham Prescott. Internally, all cross bars were loosened from the top table. With the new section of pine scarfed into position on the top table, this added section of wood could now be carved to match the original form of the top table, with the highest respect for the workmanship of Abraham Prescott. Providing entertainment, education, and the energizing force that pulls us all together in celebration of great work. Shortly after, their collaboration began. Q: When did your brother start getting interested in music? LaFaro-Fernandez: Scotty and I were born in New Jersey but we moved back to Geneva in 1942. The back table is a two-piece sectional plate of moderately flamed maple with flame ascending at the center joint. We never got to enjoy it as a concert venue in our day, unfortunately. My mom was still pregnant with my last sister. Mom needed the money. (Rocco) Scott LaFaro automobile accident in 1961. Measure: This year The Smith is excited to have National Endowment of the Arts Jazz Masters, Kenny Barron (piano) and Dave Holland (bass), together on stage on Saturday, April 6.

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