Okay, so what? Keep the content. I wanted to know if I was deceived into believing that he was exceptional. I do not believe he is a bastard. Again I’m a huge fan but I cannot listen to the episodes where she feels the need to blurt out.
The Holden Age of Terrorism... incredible that this passes as entertainment for some. No hate intended, just a suggestion for the overall flow of each episode.

Robert talks about how Elon had enormous input on the development of the Tesla design, saying that one of his big contributions was insisting that the door handles on the Tesla pop out, which he calls “Silly and unnecessary but cool as hell and that it makes people happy and loyal to the product because it delights them.”, Sofiya then says, “My husband has a Tesla and he fucking loves it. Sofiya chimes in sarcastically about this passage: “It’s hot when someone you love just tries to change you all the time. Robert’s underlying theme of this podcast is privilege. I have never heard her contribute something interesting or humorous. The Customs and Border Patrol needs a third part. I don’t get it... looks like I’m not the only one. Elon didn’t do this though, and this is what makes him special. You’re not gonna find that content on NPR baby. Here’s a quote from Robert: “What’s not debatable is how fucked up it is that Elon Musk gets credit for building all these wonderful devices that he did not build.

Go Sophie!!! To just make sure that they know that you think they’re worthless before you let them go.

He took the money, $180 million after taxes, and invested nearly all of it in three companies: With additional investments in other, smaller projects, Elon took the vast majority of his wealth and spread it around into businesses that he felt were going to change the world. Two gripes:

Why 3 stars?

I think the guests also add a nice second layer of commentary to the content.

The producer, Sophie. A look at the current status of air travel. Elon himself claimed in an interview that his father has committed every crime on the books and that he’s evil. Elon spent $1 million dollars and bought a McLaren F-1 sports car, one of only 62 in the world. the episodes on the Belgium Congo and Belarus. This show is very well researched. Instead, after a tumultuous year, the community seemed infused with a fresh spirit.

Would enjoy it without the above mentioned agenda. Moments of greatness derailed by lack of professionalism, Excellent research on shockingly terrible people we should all know about. In the process, he’s managed to sell the world on his capability to achieve objectives so lofty that from the mouth of anyone else, they’d be called fantasies. A simple Google search brought me to a video where Elon accepted full blame for the failure of all three of the first Falcon 1 launches, and where he discusses that had the fourth launch failed, that very likely would have put SpaceX into bankruptcy and there would be no SpaceX today. My one gripe would be just present the facts and quit equating terrible people to modern politics. Managing to make actual history fun to listen to is hard, you guys are awesome. Fuck.

Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Would enjoy it without the above mentioned agenda.

“I just assume that there will be nannies.”.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. She just laughs at inappropriate times and ruins the continuity of the show. This section is based on an Esquire article which is found here: https://classic.esquire.com/article/2020/3/1/the-day-the-rocket-came-to-boca-chica.
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