%PDF-1.6 %���� Town Supervisor is my first elected position. The answers have been lightly edited for clarity. 1��j�r�� h�bbd``b`i�� ���$�7��*@�#O����H�����O� ��� Republican Don Clavin claimed victory in the race for Hempstead town supervisor, but Democratic incumbent Laura Gillen has not yet conceded – saying the race is too close to call. ��#Z5���@|�W�p����-|L'�B��v.��gšlVٵ�ûM����J1�V���erWX���ҭwN�i2��RV�Z��E6C���:J{̨3��o"o�1�=n�w���#⼒(w��'a��pE��4Ӭ xK|�����2���LWh�j��C�2�#4�hQ�Ѻ`�ㄘyV �����MM�p�< �_�e��n�< �Jn�;)�UF��՟�˸B��$Գno�

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The single most pressing issue facing our (board, district, etc.) What accomplishments in your past would you cite as evidence you can handle this job? H`\�1I�;���" p� �7[� �?���1K��պ>t�h�J��u>R��\�.8�+F~M:T� C�2זB�R3n��'�9����x7cQoE��&�'�Y�Kd��ẢG?q���#j�0�R�,�Jfy�A��қ)�re>���1K; �,o5���bdz��7?E. My administration is advancing the town to the digital age by updating hardware and software needed to streamline efficiencies and improve services. Corruption is making the cost of living almost unbearable in Hempstead. Democratic Hempstead Town Supervisor Laura Gillen refused to concede Tuesday's election after Republican challenger Don Clavin declared victory as Gillen … �8����%�m0 XźI Prior to this, I had a successful career practicing commercial litigation first at a large Manhattan law firm, then a Long Island commercial firm.
What else would you like voters to know about yourself and your positions?
I am a PADI-certified Divemaster and worked in a scuba shop in KoSamui Thailand. h��V�k�0�W��=�����d+le�a�>x�I�]�����Β�dN�ec�?t�/�I�_"���3)�b�V��� cP�X��Dɲ��R΄U$ ���xTl�9�9��t��KIw~�\nfeݱ�+����we�Xv���){ә�Y2Y� �*�4u75��δ�d�J���d��j��jZ�� �.��Oͺ�_���X� Y�@��7�d��ڲ�-��]+R���(Γ��XU��z�*On�r��Y�L�Jr�b��k���A){qb��2���z�̫z��V�e�����j7�xY���n��R����sZ'7�_;�e�>�TT�rϻ��.�,��I�iZ�9'X�F[j{�lF\E��9�%�ᡔb9�\&�VF 9M�ֆd�`�`�NFx?�E�ޖC~/����_�S]$���z�kwr6з�1>��ɘS�y Considering all that Laura Gillen has accomplished and the many obstacles she had to overcome in her first term as Hempstead Town supervisor, she deserves two more years at the helm. Laura Gillen, of Rockville Centre, was sworn in as the Town of Hempstead’s new supervisor at an inauguration ceremony on Monday at Hofstra University’s John Cranford Adams Playhouse. The best advice shared with me was not really advice, it was a lesson from my parents.

He is a career politician who was appointed by the machine to the receiver position. He has been dishonest with residents about his record and mine. What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this post? The prior administration only spent $10 million on road repaving over two years. Laura Gillen is the Town of Hempstead Supervisor. Support your hometown newspaper by making a donation. In my first term, we have made an unprecedented investment, allocating $59 million to finally fixing the roads for residents.

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