From our very first pre-Covid sit down with Abagael and Anand, we were completely smitten as we learned more and more about their wedding day. An all-time classic and the regular choice for most of the soon to be newlyweds is the traditional wedding photography. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to emphasize what’s important to you. Like your wedding party, we will be where you need us the most, to overcome your expectations, as we did for many previous customers.

To achieve so, we want you to take a look at the photo album of the event where you’ve been to.
Photographers need to come to the location of the ceremony sometime before. If you’ve come to the point where you need to choose between different traditional and photojournalistic styles for your wedding day, it means you did your homework. Forget about all the details and the little imperfections. We are living in a world of smartphones, and everybody has one in their pockets. Photojournalistic wedding photography is realistic. Think of photography as an art of playing with lighting and colors.

I've got to say that it was a fantastic decision! In the light of things, it’s easy to fall into this dark corner of thoughts imagining all that could not happen. Enjoy it. The last thing you want is bored guests. Cranbury Park CT Wedding Photography | Alyssa and George – and You’ve probably heard about it – it’s one of the most popular wedding photography styles. Yes, we know about all the stress you’re going through. You’ll also be introduced to other wedding photography styles, and we will compare them. Wedding Photographer ♥ HK Photography CT Wedding Photography | Modern Photojournalistic Style, Timeless, Elegant, Classy, Wedding Photos The goal is to capture the raw emotion of the moment, with no room for fake smiles and odd poses.

Don’t get me wrong, photojournalists are more than willing to take all the formal shots. Our main advice for handling this situation is to surround yourself with professionals.

On the wedding day, we chatted like we had known each other for ages. During my junior year, I switched my major to Fine Art Photography and never looked back. Even more important than the photographer himself is the style of shooting. Luckily, your photojournalistic photographer will be there catching the whole beauty of the wedding day. And then catering, florist, hair and beauty, wedding cake. Before you decide between these two, we will need to find out what type of model are you. While my primary business will always be documenting weddings, I'm always excited by every opportunity to push the boundaries of my experience and style. Groom’s preparation, and the bride’s preparation.

Experts working in this genre can create great magazine-quality photos.

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