Eugene took notice of the two's distress but they quickly put on a happy face and pretended that nothing was wrong, so he returned his attention to the wedding ceremony. Rapunzel tries desperately to save the dying Eugene by singing the healing incantation.

I have actually found out Flynn/Eugene actual age and the way i can prove it is I called Nathan Greno one of the directors of Tangled and asked him and he told me Flynn/Eugene's actual age is he's 23 years old bc since Rapunzel was 18
Unlike Rapunzel's adoptive mother, Gothel, Eugene viewed Rapunzel as a person, caring for her feelings, rather than her magical hair. In spite of being greedy at the start of the film, Rapunzel's magic was never a concern to him, nor did he once ponder on the thought of using her for her powers to obtain wealth. He unabashedly committed acts of thievery on the royal family of Corona, all to achieve a selfish lifelong goal of becoming as wealthy as humanly possible. I ship this.

Mother Gothel agrees and chains the wounded Eugene instead. Nevertheless, Eugene nervously takes the rings and gives one to his bride. He takes Rapunzel to a local pub filled with a group of seemingly vicious and hostile thugs. The princess' refusal to be fooled by Flynn's charisma, and genuine interest in his life and struggles, would be the first motivators to dropping the "Flynn Rider" persona and accepting who he alluded to being in the orphanage, which was caring, starry-eyed, and selfless.

In the face of danger, Rapunzel risked an eternity as a fountain of youth to the witch in order to heal Eugene. When first introduced, Flynn is presented as arrogant, backstabbing, and trouble-making.

@Puffedwarrior, haha perhaps... 8 years difference. (Canon): Discovering Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. She begins to sob, letting a single tear fall onto his cheek.

It's all about perspective. Realizing Gothel's villainy, Eugene tries to escape as the guards forcefully carry him off.

The name "Flynn" is also used for some other Disney characters, such as Kevin and Sam Flynn from, One of Flynn Rider's original designs (seen in concept art), was used to help form Kristoff's appearance in. Eugene accompanies Rapunzel during her return to the Kingdom, as she has discovered that she has been its lost princess, and witnesses her reunion with her parents. He also wears a belt with a similar color scheme around his waist; connected to it is a miniature satchel.

Hilarious how a hair colour can make you appear older eh.

The following morning, Eugene is nearly captured again by Maximus, but Rapunzel—with the help of Pascal—is able to befriend the horse and convinces the two forge a reluctant alliance for the next twenty-four hours, during which Maximus will not get Eugene arrested. Not really. However, unable to see anything in the darkness, he admits defeat and the two huddle together in the rising water, believing that they are about to die.

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And the way he looks at her is the absolute cutest.

A 8 year age gap between him and rapunzel. He protects his lost princess when she's in danger. He's the second Disney hero after Phoebus from.

A writer of tangled confirmed Eugene is indeed 26. :D, his age probably isnt specified in the film to keep him more mysterious:P. 8 years difference is long time, but it don't matter too much. He is awestruck at the sight of Rapunzel in her wedding attire as her father, the King, walks her down the center aisle. That night, Eugene takes Rapunzel out on the water in a rowboat to see the lights, wanting her to have the best view for her special day. They have one of the greatest "how we met" stories ever.

If you think about it, it wouldn't be as weird if Rapunzel was 20 and Flynn was 28.

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Flynn is of average height and builds with fair skin, short dark brown hair, a scruffy goatee, and light brown eyes.

The short closes with Eugene proclaiming, "So, who wants a piece of cake?"

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When he awakens, thanks to Pascal sticking his long tongue into his ear, he finds himself tangled within the lost princess' hair and apparently held captive. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life.

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