Avetards and some intellectuals like to refer to an ese and an essay as the same thing because it's pretty fun.

Homie g: A combination of “homie” and “g” in the “gangsta” sense. Origin: In Spanish it means “girl” or “gal”, but also translates to “cute”.

A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g. (What’s goin’ on, star?)”. A very informal word or phrase used by a particular group or community as a substitute for standard language (e.g.

Usage: “Tim and I are so tight. Usage: “Wassup my youth, where you heading to bruv?”, Usage: “You lookin fine my little cheesemuffin!”; “What would I do without my cheesemuffin?”, Usage: “Me and my beau went out last night and had a fabulous time!”.

1. vote. - I'm going to the movies with my homies. She’s my sister from another mister.”.

Haha no that's english slang for ghetto chicanos (aka mexican americans). I love you so much. . Translate Homie. Origin: The term “ace boon” means “top notch; helpful”, and coon is a perjorative term for a dark-skinned person. Origin: May have originated as a variation on “butty” (see below) or as an evolution of “brother” in the 1800s. A term to show disagreement or disapproval of something or some idea.

skinny, grandma). Without further ado, here’s our list of slang words for “friend”: That’s our whole list of slang words for “friend”! He’s always got my back.”, Usage: “Say, woe, was happenin’ tonight?”. 0 0.

posted by Jeremias. Do you have a word we’re missing? Usage: “What’s up, girl?”; “Oh girl I’m so proud of you!”, Usage: “Hey girlfriend, what’s happening?”, Usage: “He used to be my number one ace until he started on the drugs.”. Ahora que ya conociste a mis padres, quiero que conozcas a mis compinches. updated May 24, 2011. posted by Ann-Frances.

Usage: “What’s up, amigo?”; “Me and my amigos.”. Lv 4.

Origin: Probably a combination of “bro” and “Joseph”. Origin: The term “brah” likely started in the 1960s with Hawaiian Pigeon English. Who's that in the photo? See 5 authoritative translations of Homie in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

Source(s): My parents are Mexican but I was born in the US and speak English correctly. As a term of address, this term was popularized in Spanish-speaking regions of the United States.

But, ¡aguas!

It is slang for a member of one's group in the "Gangsta" culture.

Origin: Likely the combination of bro and Gohan (of Dragon Ball Z fame). - Voy a ir al cine con mis compadres.

5 … ¿Qué vas a hacer más tarde?

But you are correct as to its source and It is spanlish. Usage: “That’s my boy other there, I’ll introduce him to you.”, Usage: “Fo shizzle, my nizzle (For sure, my friend)”, Usage: “Whatup B? Origin: In spanish it means “little girl”, or “petite” but in slang it translates to “shorty”.

Who is she?!

Here you’ll find a bunch of slang terms for “friend” and “friends”, along with slang which is more generally ralated to the topic of friendship, and also slang that is specifically for best friends. Origin: In the TV series “Lone Ranger”, Tonto (fictional Native American sidekick) often referred to the Lone Ranger as kemosabe, meaning “trusty scout”.

Origin: Comes from the Irish phrase “mo chara” (my friend). Usage: “He was acting like we were biffles, even though I hadn’t heard from him in years.”; “You will always be my biffle.”, Usage:  “My homeboy, Santiago, will take care of you – just tell him I sent you.”, Origin: Etymologists generally trace this term to Mexican-American “, Usage: “Hey homeslice, how much cheddah do I owe you?”; “I’m just lookin’ after my home slice here”, Usage: “We are BFFs and we always will be.”, Usage: “Hey fool you wanna play some b-ball?”. Usage: “Yeah, we go way back.

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