Election to be exempt from §§ 264 Section 3 and 264b of the German Commercial Code, 55. Affiliated companies of the group METRO AG as of 30 September 2019 pursuant to § 313 of the German Commercial Code, Responsibility statement of the legal representatives, nexxar - digital reporting evolved - Online Report. With the initial public offering (IPO) of shares in the new METRO AG, we created the foundation to deliver even more focus, innovation and growth. Part of a retail company that operates outlets or stores with a specific merchandising concept. Financial investments and investments accounted for using the equity method, 23. 9 of the German Commercial Code (HGB), 53. This also includes the delivery business (Food Service Distribution) with the METRO delivery service and companies like the delivery specialists Classic Fine Foods, Pro à Pro and Rungis Express. The weighting is based on the equity and debt capital components of METRO measured at market prices. A performance share entitles its owner to a cash payment matching the share price. Its more than 16 million commercial customers worldwide are mainly hotels, restaurants, catering companies, independent retailers, as well as service providers and authorities, to which METRO Wholesale offers a portfolio of products and solutions that has been tailored to their specific requirements. Internationally applicable rules for financial reporting developed by the IASB. Net results according to measurement categories, 13. The audit is focused on working conditions, occupational safety, environmental management and business ethics as well as respect for human rights and temporary employment. Service Companies and Offices (SCO) are professional service companies and organisations, such as offices and institutions. 2015 Annual Report; PDF ; 2014 Annual Report; PDF ; 2013 Annual Report; PDF ; 2012 Annual Report; PDF ; 2011 Annual Report; PDF ; 2010 Annual Report; PDF ; 2009 Annual Report; PDF ; 2008 Annual Report; ... METRO AG operates as a retailing company. Key figure that is used to provide information regarding the performance and customer satisfaction of a company. Both operationally and strategically, financial year 2015/16 was a significant year for METRO GROUP. A standardised customer survey provides rating and feedback from customers that can be used to calculate a comparable cross-company measured value. ANNUAL REPORT 2018/19, Consolidated financial statements of METRO AG. Corporate Boards of METRO AG and their mandates, Responsibility statement of the legal representatives, nexxar - digital reporting evolved - Online Report. Profit or loss before financial result and (income) taxes. It includes commissioning products for later pick-up or delivery of the commissioned products to the customer’s location. ANNUAL REPORT 2016/17 Consolidated financial statements of METRO AG. This indicator is used to compare companies, although different taxation systems may exist. Companies with a completely independent market presence. Consolidated financial statements of METRO AG, Market capitalisation and index inclusion, Human rights and employer-employee relationships, Accounting-related internal control and risk management system, Profit or loss for the period and earnings per share, Events after the closing date and outlook, Remuneration system of the Management Board, Remuneration of members of the Supervisory Board, Notes to the group accounting principles and methods, 6. Hospitality Digital pools the group’s digitalisation activities for customers from the hospitality sector. Maturities and impairment losses of capitalised financial instruments, 30. Election to be exempt from §§ 264 Section 3 and 264b of the German Commercial Code, 54.

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