Famously, nurses have been portrayed by many films as either sweet figures or evil and corrupt characters. Soon, the voices start telling him to do... "There are many forms of pure evil, some say its the devil, others say its the famous dictators of our past time. A nurse, who confessed on a blog forum, admitted that during the late '70s, she was a nurse in a mental facility. One story claims of a boy who was caught in the open being molested by another patient several times. This is the diary of Hannah Taylor. June... "Fluer; Flower, My baby..." He smiles while tears prick at his eyes threatening to escape. One patient loved the smell of smoke. The patient never fully recovered from the trauma and was sent to their local mental institution. Some patients would be tranquilized for fun. The patient snapped one evening and somehow kidnapped the nurse to the basement. Trini would stare out the window with her dead eyes. The doctor claimed it made him feel sad to work and that patients shouldn't make their doctor feel "sad." The patient’s mouth would be forced opened and the floss would be wrapped around. Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. One story speculates that a nurse was beaten and r*ped in the basement of the mental facility by a patient who had a vendetta. The patient was convinced that the devil came to him and spoke direct instructions to bring people to the bathroom. △To be handled with extreme precaution △ #1 in crime. This is a fiction story of a girl named Jeanne who has had schizophrenia ever since she was little. When the patient acted out, the caretaker would light a pack of cigarettes and put it out on the patient to silence the begging, but not the screams. Warning: Some stories will be very dark. Discretion: the drawing/picture in the cover does not belong to me! Her mental i... Anya Romanov was working at Fish Mooney's nightclub when her friends Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins invite her and her half-sister, Selina Kyle, to a circus. Evelyn is a mute 19 year old as she gets written into the dream therapy at murkoff's facility Mount Massive Asylum. The staff became irate with the patient and decided to lock the patient in the bathroom for a few hours. This would then make it seem like the patient was smiling. The patient protested baths and claimed spirits came out of the drain hole, which would possess the patient. She never spoke to anyone and rarely ate, drank, and slept. 'Nurse Jackie' was notorious for physically assaulting her patients. Pay no heed to the screams echoing our halls, or the streaks of blood staining the floor and walls. Victims would be found in the bathroom.

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