When the Evacuation alarm sounded, they left, promising to continue this at another time. https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Iman_Avesta_(Batman:_The_Telltale_Series) If you've been looking for a massive multi-chapter Cass-is-Batman epic... trying to make it as none spoilery as possible but there will be spoilers for both fandoms, i have a lot of feelings and they had to go somewhere, made all the friendly choices towards John, Oswald Cobblepot/Original Female Character(s), oswald gets his totally undeserved happy end in this one lmao, your love was handmade for somebody like me. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Batman tried to rescue them, he was caught after freeing Avesta. Now, among all the chaos already being caused by "Joker," the Agency and the GCPD must work together to put down Bruce as he slowly descends into madness and tears Gotham apart, following the Riddler's footsteps on a path that only leads to death. John wakes up next to a man who claims to be Bruce, only he isn't HIS Bruce.

However, she was willing to make accusations to learn more about a person, as she did with Bruce Wayne. Staying retired was the hard part. It didn't help that Waller was sniffing around again, despite their deal. 1 Appearances of Iman Avesta (Batman: The Telltale Series), 1 Images featuring Iman Avesta (Batman: The Telltale Series), Quotations by or about Iman Avesta (Batman: The Telltale Series), Character Gallery: Iman Avesta (Batman: The Telltale Series), https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Iman_Avesta_(Batman:_The_Telltale_Series)?oldid=2713446, Depending on the player's choices Bruce may offer Iman a job upon discovering that she's in trouble with. After being caught by the criminal, Blake's fate can be determined by the choices made by Batman. Tiffany was training to become Bruce’s protégé. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits.

She will return in Episode 3 and she will use hearing aids. If Iman loses her hearing, he would blame himself for her condition, having talked her into helping him arrest the criminal. Iman was settling in as Wayne Enterprises’ CSO. Part of the universe established in Uncanny X-Men.

A member of The Agency, he, along with his partner Iman Avesta, were tasked by their superior, Amanda Waller, to track down the Riddler. With Batman's protection, John Doe continues to raise hell throughout the city and evade justice, forcing the Agency to turn to their last resort: a man by the name of Oswald Cobblepot...whose only task is to kill Bruce Wayne. After being caught by the criminal, Blake's fate can be determined by the choices made by Batman. However, he had been working for the Agency for some time and was partnered with Iman Avesta to capture the Riddler. How Same Stitch really should've gone down... Basically the origin to my alternate universe. But with so many questions, maybe Harley Quinn was the only one with answers.

Regardless of whether he called Gordon or Waller, he will ask him to work with the Agency closely, implying that they may see consequences from Waller if he doesn't. The Agency is the public face of a shadow committee, consisting of military leaders, intelligence experts, and government officials. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Not much is known about Blake's personality, but he seemed to be very reserved and quiet.

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