Sorry, I forgot we were supposed to meet today, I’m not with it at all. I don’t trust him, something isn’t right. Meaning; Before, beans were the last food remaining when everything else was gone. It is still commonly used in french. Most of it is accessible to me. English counterpart: there is nothing left/it’s the end. English counterpart: to be rolling in money, to be rich. Let’s see a couple of examples: I’ll always be there for you, come rain or shine. Meaning: This idiom means that you don’t notice something obvious. Omniglot | Le pauvre, tout le monde casse du sucre sur son dos.

English counterpart: to be well and truly in it, to not be out of the woods. quel temps fait-il? Aucune idée, je donne ma langue au chat. Tongue twisters | Literally: a cold of duck. I like your parents, but I am tired of the fact they always put their two cents. No wonder the French are considered dirty people with expressions like that!.

That’s because when you get to close you can’t see it, can you?

So “en train de” is actually the equivalent of “be + ing”. Ce rapport me prend la tête, je suis impatient de le terminer. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aaf49190ec9ebbf982364cee3738bb77" );document.getElementById("b05586ffdd").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Display a Gravatar image next to my comments. Meaning: Ah pine trees, Christmas, happiness…and hum coffins. Classes. Barely started, this project already has one foot in the grave. This is a particularly satisfying topic because I would say that the pronunciation of all of the weather phrases are not too challenging for new speakers. This idiom is also a common one, as we saw last week, and it has different variations.

Understanding French weather terms is useful for deciding what to wear, planning what to do, and, of course, making small talk. English counterpart: to keep up to date, to keep posted. it's hammering down. He was too sick/ was feeling too bad to come. Excuse-moi, j’ai oublié qu’on se voyait aujourd’hui, je suis à l’ouest. This has the same meaning as “en avoir marre”. Alright! Crystal-clear |

Sir, could you describe the face of the person who attacked you? Meaning: In the world of French idioms, love can be rather painful and love at first sight is called “un coup de foudre”. English counterpart: to not give a shit, to not give a damn, J’en ai rien à foutre de ce que tu penses.

Meaning: You ‘roll on gold” when you have so much money you don’t really know what to do with it. English equivalents and translations. You just discovered the wonderful world of French idioms. Meaning: This idiom actually has nothing to do with geography, you can use it to say someone is off.

Literally: to have nothing to polish/do about it. Merci encore, Ann :}.

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