Use the HTML below. I hope Amazon features future Eco-Challenges. ga('create', 'UA-67136960-15', 'auto', 'ads'); Viewers worldwide will see the limits of human physical and mental endurance tested like never before. eventAction: 'click_ads' Title: Pretty Little Liars Reboot Original Sin Is a Go at HBO Max! The team features a mixture of gay and straight athletes made up of seasoned adventure racer and former Marine, former Navy SEAL and Crossfit gym owner, a record holding ultra-marathoner, skilled ultra endurance mountain biker and a filmmaker and former basketball player.Competitors: Clifton Lyles (TC), Coree Aussem-Woltering, Sam Scipio, Chriss Smith Jr., Mikayla Lyles (TAC) Team Hashtag: #TeamOnyx, Team Stray Dogs (USA)With an average age of almost 66 years old, and a combined 26 Eco-Challenge races, the Stray Dogs are the oldest team, and one of the most experienced.Competitors: Marshall Ulrich (TC), Adrian Crane, Bob Haugh, Nancy Bristow, Heather Ulrich (TAC)Team Hashtag: #TeamStrayDogs, Team Unbroken (USA)Working their way through combat disabilities, wounds and internal struggles, Team Unbroken is a team of veterans and civilians who are racing to remind themselves, and others that you may be wounded, but you remain unbroken.Competitors: Hal Riley (TC), Gretchen Evans, Dr. Anne Bailey, Keith Knoop, Cale Yarborough (TAC)Team Hashtag: #TeamUnbroken. Both fathers were part of the original True North squad that was the only Canadian team to finish Eco-Challenge Argentina in 1999.

hitType: 'event', Competitors: Shubi-Silvia Guimares (TC), Karina Bacha Lefevre, Nora Audra, Jose Caputo, Jose Pupo (TAC)Team Hashtag: #TeamAtenahBrasil, Team Canada Adventure (Canada)A group of mostly Canadian world-class ultra-endurance athletes & adventurers, the team includes an obstacle course racing legend, 4x Adventure Racing World Series Event Winner, a Spartan Pro Team member, and a mountain biker & orienteerer. Competitors: Clifton Lyles (TC), Coree Aussem-Woltering, Sam Scipio, Chriss Smith Jr, Mikayla Lyles (TAC). eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Competitors: Tyson Mayr (TC), Elijah Mayr, Nick Mayr, Courtney Home, Chris Dixon (TAC). if(document.querySelector("#ads")){ ga('ads.send', { Viewers worldwide will see the limits of human physical and mental endurance tested like never before.". Competitors: Jeff Bates (TC), Kara Haun, Ashley Andrews, John Bender, Keria Galan (TAC)Team Hashtag: #TeamNika, Team Onyx (USA)Team Onyx will be the first entirely African-American adventure racing team to compete on the global stage. Team Nika is made up of CrossFit and Jiu-Jitsu fanatics which includes CrossFit and ultramarathon athletes, a gym owner, a firefighter, a spartan racer and football coach. Showrunner and Executive Producer, Lisa Hennessy, worked alongside Burnett on all eight prior Eco-Challenge races from 1995 through 2002. They have been friends for years, but this is the first time that they will all be racing together as one team. Competitors: Travis Macy (TC), Mark Macy, Danelle Ballengee, Shane Sigle, Andrew Speers (TAC). Competitors: Masato Tanaka (TC), Machiko Nishii, Koki Yasuda, Akira Yonemoto, Masayuki Takahata (TAC). Competitors: Masato Tanaka (TC), Machiko Nishii, Koki Yasuda, Akira Yonemoto, Masayuki Takahata (TAC) Team Hashtag: #TeamEastWind, Team New Zealand (New Zealand)Team New Zealand is a group of friends looking forward to adventuring through Fiji.Competitors: Nathan Fa’avae (TC) , Sophie Hart, Stuart Lynch, Chris Forne, Mark Rayward (TAC) Team Hashtag: #TeamNewZealand, Team Summit (Spain)Team Summit is made up of a group of people who have a broad experience in expedition races. 15 of 24 people found this review helpful. TV. Competitors: Bob Miller (TC), Ryan Atkins, Scott Ford, Rea Kolbl, Wayne Leek (TAC).

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