Yes, she thought, yes, now, now, do it, do it, take me, take me, FLY! It just doesn’t work there. The showrunners portrayed the setup, but were left hanging by The Big Kahuna. Weiss: I don’t think she decided ahead of time that she was… going to do what she did. GOT was very well produced and that is apprecaited by me. But then, I know this is pretty subjective stuff. It makes sense though. With her privileged condescension, she offers a home to Kerry Washington’s character, and all manner of painful situations ensue. – WW can’t pass through the wall because of “spells”, but Othor was risen beyond the wall, at Castle Black. I remember back in the day, Nikolaj was one of the biggest Jaime+Brienne shippers, along with a goodly proportion of the fans, myself included.

I don’t remember that. Washington: I did. I wonder if this is what GRRM has planned in the books. . You’re welcome! The way it all goes down in the show is because of all the birds in the tree outside making noise. (A “trampoline song.”) However, it kind of made me wistful or melancholy watching it: the audience was dancing along to the beat, and I realized that carefree communal experiences like concerts, Broadway plays and stage shows are a thing of the past – at least here in the U.S. – for the foreseeable future. Even with the broad strokes and basic bullet points still aligning between the unpublished books and latter seasons of the show, not every detail between the show and books needs to be the same. Duped by Cersei? I do remember some interviews in which he’s talked about what happened with Bran and Jaime (and why Jaime did what he did) and that Bran is the most difficult to write because he’s the youngest of the POV characters at 8 (as of AGOT). It got tiresome. Did I miss something? Yeah, I don’t think the prophecy applies anymore because there’s too much fitting square pegs into round holes. Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 | Game Revealed (HBO) – 5:11. He and Gwen had some of the best banter onscreen and off. (Hi Tensor!) And as for the “prophecy” which was “set up” with the introduction of Stannis and Mel’, she has him use an obviously not-magical sword with obviously not-magical flames to illustrate her prophecy.

In the show, he fought in the war against the dead but I don’t think he checks off many of the other boxes either. What has it brought him? Lyanna Stark was able to put on a nice dress, brush out her hair, and look presentable for her wedding. A lot of your post makes me think of Wire and other series. Fortunately for me, I missed the faked abortion/stolen fetus retconned baby drama plot line you described.

], You know, they probably would have been better off going with the Food Baby excuse…,, Juno’s friend: “It’s probably just a food baby. ), + Why did Ned fail to follow the dying wish of his friend (!

We never got an explanation. His death, his wife’s death, his mothers death, his childs death, his wolfs death, pretty much all of his soldiers and the country suffered because of it. Mr. Derp pointed out their marriage had never been consummated. • Q3: What does “Options Essential” mean? D&D have been saying for years that this was a seventy hour television series. It’s also why I still suspect that many of the supposedly “abandoned” or abridged story lines on the show that pissed off many fans were really a consequence of GRRM leaving the showrunners in the lurch, so that they had to scramble to come up with ways to either conclude storylines and answer riddles (often by resorting to cliches and overused devices*), or just jettison them. Why were they attacked later ? Dany isn’t really dead. But that’s just me I suppose. They did nothing except tout bogus miracle drugs. *The purpose of Jorah getting Greyscale only to have it cured so expeditiously.

The effective use of darkness, cloud and confusion add to a bone-chilling atmosphere. I’ll wait for it to come to cable. No one’s changing their opinion.

It’s likely I’m missing something since Bran isn’t a character I’m particularly invested in. Season 8 was not rushed by any means, it was fast paced. He harped on about the urgency of telling Jon he was the “heir to the Iron Throne” but the disclosure of the secret of his parentage led to Dany’s breakdown and Jon’s banishment back to the Wall.

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