You should thank Alex  for keeping his day job as the host of “Jeopardy” for the past 35 years now. The series began at 11:30 am Eastern, then moved to 11:00 and finally to 10:30. However, in March, advertiser pressure led NBC to set him aside in favor of Ed McMahon; after viewer complaints and declining ratings, Clayton returned in September and remained host until the series ended on March 23, 1973.

The bonus round, dubbed the "Winner's Circle", was played for one of eight cars that were displayed in the studio. Occasionally, a game ended with only two prize cards left on the board, which because of the wild cards often did not match.

While the first puzzle on the debut was "It Happened One Night", the last puzzle on the finale was "You've Been More Than Kind".

After 16 years and several hosts, Jack Narz would take the lead for a syndicated version from 1973 until 1978. When the network took over production shortly after the series began in 1958, NBC maintained this policy, although this may have been for reasons unrelated to the scandals. This version featured a 25-space computer-generated gameboard, with in-studio contestants viewing on a large-screen TV placed off stage. The gradual matching of card pairs slowly revealed elements of the rebus, a picture puzzle described below. Buzzr currently airs episodes of Classic Concentration and, since March 30, 2020, episodes of the 1970s syndicated version, starting from episodes from 1976. International versions. The winnings were kept at a low amount on purpose to avoid any suggestion that it was also tainted. The Envelope and its Mysterious Contents — The winning contestant opened a sealed envelope and read its message aloud (as if he/she were the show announcer). In the earliest episodes there were no "take one gift" cards on the board. Tiger Electronics also marketed a hand-held version of the game in 1999 using the Narz-era theme and the 1960s–1978 logo. Christmas shows featured children from United Nations countries. If it was "take one gift", a $250 prize was awarded. An annual Boy Scout Show, saluting famous Americans who were scouts. hosted and Diana Taylor was the series' prize model. The Most Musically Aggressive Stations In CHR? The show was broadcast on and off from 1958 to 1991, presented by various hosts, and has been made in several different versions. As a result of the 1950s quiz scandals, the network purchased the rights to Concentration and three other games (Twenty One, Dough Re Mi and Tic-Tac-Dough) from producers Barry and Enright. Usually, a contestant waited to solve the puzzle until he/she had exposed a good portion of the rebus through several matches.

Many other cues from The Price Is Right were used on Concentration as well, including music used for the head starts and Double Play prize descriptions.

Three issues for the original were released in 1971, written and designed by Norman Blumenthal. Also included were two or three joke or gag prizes (such as a banana peel or a tattered sock). A board of prizes rarely totaled more than $2,000–$3,000 and champions rarely took home more than that in merchandise during their stay (though some longer-reigning champions approached $10,000). Gene Wood was the announcer, with Art James substituting for him for several weeks in 1991. A Nintendo Entertainment System version was also released by GameTek. More importantly, a match also revealed two pieces of the rebus, which identified a person, phrase, place, thing, title, etc. (On the Monday following Concentration's cancellation, Clayton became the announcer for The $10,000 Pyramid on CBS.). The announcer was Art James, who sometimes served as a substitute host and later became a game show host in his own right. In 2007, Reflexive Arcade released a downloadable version of Concentration based on the Classic Concentration format and bonus round with newer puzzles and prizes. All of the special squares (Take 1 Gift, Bonus Number, Wild Card, etc.) Concentration is one of only three Barry-Enright game shows known to have foreign adaptations, the others being Tic-Tac-Dough and Twenty-One. Secret Santas included.

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